The Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists is pleased to invite all nurses, aestheticians, office and skin care clinic administrators, and other medical professionals working within the field of plastic surgical medical skin care to attend “Skin Care 2013—Glowing Skin on Broadway,” our 19th Annual Meeting. This program encompasses all aspects of skin care management featuring presentations by your professional colleagues and experts. Sessions will include ample discussion time for attendee participation. Exhibits displaying the latest advancements in skin care products and services
will be available during breakfasts, coffee breaks, and luncheons.

Skin Care 2013 Learning Objectives

After attending this meeting, participants should be able to:

  1. Apply scientific principles and rationale to formulate effective, results-oriented skin care treatment programs.
  2. Describe practices and behaviors that will minimize the risks and liabilities of skin care practice in a medical environment.
  3. Employ techniques, recommendations for treatment modalities, and the use of specialty products to assist in the treatment of problematic skin conditions.
  4. Integrate proven business practices and strategies into your skin care practice to provide exemplary service and evaluate its success.
  5. Recognize plastic surgical skin care as an integrative therapy to enhance plastic surgical patient care outcomes.